Our services

Spirul uses a combination of established research and consultation techniques and tailor made approaches to meet our client’s objectives.

We always ensure that the methodology that we recommend is appropriate for the target group in question. We are always keen to devise new, innovative techniques or apply new principles to traditional methodologies, but only if appropriate.

Spirul Ltd will offer the following services:

Data Collection

Data Collection

Postal surveys
A cost effective way to obtain the view of local residents, employees etc.

Online/email surveys
We will design and manage online and email surveys to suit all types of respondents.

Telephone surveys
Can be used to obtain the views of a large population quickly and effectively.

Face to face surveys
Tend to produce a higher response rate than other survey methods. Can reduce the level of self selection and increase the reliability of a sample.

On street interviews
A useful, cost effective way of getting the views of the cross section of particular groups within a population.

In depth interviews
Particularly useful for complex or sensitive issues. Our interviewers know how to put respondents at ease and get the best from them. We make sure that we don’t lose sight of the needs of the people that we are interviewing.



Desk research

We will access pre-existing resources i.e. online sources, databases, reports and publications and provide you with added insight and understanding.

Questionnaire Design

We use our extensive experience in questionnaire design to provide you with the data you need.


We will advise and generate the most reliable sample for your needs, taking into account the objectives of the project and the available resources.

Qualitative Research and Consultation

Qualitative Research and Consultation

Focus Group Recruitment

Recruitment is the key to the success of a group. Our recruiters are skilled and experienced in ensuring that your group is a success on the day.

Focus Group Facilitation
Our highly skilled moderators will ensure that they get the best out of people, in order to provide you with the insight that you need.

Mystery shopping

An invaluable technique to assess the quality of front line services. It is particularly useful where your customers are suffering from “consultation fatigue”.


A useful technique to break down barriers and encourage creative thinking.


Often used for consultation on major schemes and physical regeneration projects. We will bring our experience and skills to the traditional “exhibition” and ensure that they fulfill your consultation requirements.

Analysis and Reporting

Analysis and Reporting

Data Processing
We produce quality data, quickly and efficiently. In order to meet your needs we will present the data in the most appropriate format for you, whether you want a database in a particular format, paper tables, electronic tables or key data.

In depth statistical analysis
We will pick from a wide range of analytical techniques and tools in order to ensure that we interpret the data in to produce data which you can really use.

Qualitative analysis
We will tailor the depth of analysis to your needs and resources. Our qualitative researchers are skilled at all levels of qualitative analysis and can advise on the best methods to suit your objectives, time frame and budget.

Full, flexible Reporting
Our approach to producing reports is to spend time talking to our clients about the kind of report they want, who is likely to read it, how widely it will be disseminated etc. We then recommend an appropriate format for the report, which may be a ‘traditional’ written report, a web based summary, a PowerPoint commentary or a different format.

Let me know if any of this doesn’t make sense.